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  1. 1. Do you provide Free Trial?

    Yes, we provide free trail. For this you can fill up the free trail form.

  2. 2. What is your accuracy level?
  3. Our accuracy level is 85-90% consistently.

  4. 3. Are your calls based on technical research?
  5. Yes, our recommendations are based on extensive research made by our share market experts.

  6. 4. What are the modes of payment?
  7. Payments can be made through cheque, online fund transfer, cash and demand draft.

  8. 5. What is the procedure to subscribe?
  9. You can subscribe by depositing cheque or cash in our bank account or you can also transfer your funds to our bank account through net banking. After making payment you have to inform us with the payment details so that we confirm your payment and start our service without any delay.

  10. 6. What are means by which you provide services?
  11. Services are provided via sms and also from yahoo messenger.

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